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Ufa Training Centre “Bashneftehim” presents a new educational practice trend “Unistage”! The Unistage project gives an opportunity to get high-quality education to those Russian students who want to start or continue studying abroad.

“Unistage” is an official representative of more than 30 leading universities of Malaysia and the Republic of Northern Cyprus, where there are courses in a variety of disciplines. The most of these universities are branches of famous educational establishments of the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

According to the global academic rankings, the leading colleges of Malaysia and the Northern Cyprus are included into the top universities of the world.

Studying in Malaysia and the Northern Cyprus is absolutely secure! Malaysia is one of the safest and the most peaceful country having tremendously severe drug legislation. Speaking of the Northern Cyprus, the crime rates here are only 15% of that in any other European country.

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate which means that it is usually dry and hot in summer with an average temperature of +25...+30⁰C! Winter is warm and mild too! Sunshine days on the coast are 340 per year! In the region of Malaysia, it is always summer. You don’t have to suffer from winter freeze and to refill your closet with warm clothes every cold season.

The number one advantage of getting educated in Malaysia and the Northern Cyprus is comparatively low cost of high-quality education for an academic year. Studying in Malaysia and Cyprus costs averagely $4000 per year and the same money is for accommodation. Moreover, the overall costs will not exceed $10,000 while those in England are about $30,000-40,000!

A lot of effort is put to make studying enjoyable and memorable. Students are encouraged to make the most out of their free time. There are computer labs with free internet, entertaining day trips, watching themed films, festive evening performances etc. As usual, there is a lot of free student clubs and organizations, so that the overall amount of them form an enormous list in large colleges. All the universities possess electronic library. They also own large territories with front entrance security systems. There are up-to-date sport centers with outdoor and indoor pools, gyms tennis, basketball, volleyball and other courts at the territory.

All of the international students are provided with accommodation. You can choose an affordable option whether it is on-campus or private housing. It is highly recommended for “freshers” to stick to student on-campus residence with 1-, 2- or 4-bed rooms with all amenities including permanent Internet access and telephone line.

All the classes are in English which is a great opportunity to improve language skills for further career in Russia as well as abroad. The universities are recognized worldwide. That means that you will have no career problem in future. Such large companies as Schlumberger, Shell, Petronas Oil, IBM and BMW are partners of the colleges and hold job fairs for graduates every year.

We aim to give you the fullest information about pros and cons of studying in various countries, about different kinds of education and diplomas. We are here to help you to learn English and to execute all the required papers.

Unistage makes the education abroad open!

Good luck, dear friends!

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