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Appeared a hot line where workers can complain about unscrupulous employers.

March 1, 2016

Online ON (public house) there is information that can be reported here on employers who do not wish to officially employ their workers and to pay them taxes. He told the head of the commission on social policy OP RF V.Slepak.

Mr. Slepak added: "Citizens of Russia can now call us on the hotline and report informally paid wages (the so-called" salaries in envelopes "). Also here you can complain to the facts of the illegal relationship between employers and employees. Chairman OP states that the figures showing the "shadow employment" in the Russian Federation, and the impressive number of "illegals" is about twenty million people. If anyone has a desire to report such facts can free 8-800-700-8-800 call from any region of Russia. On these violations will know in Labor Agency and the Prosecutor's Office.

The State Duma is already working on a bill that would establish a tax evasion criminal penalties. It is also planned that the entrepreneurs who do not want to pay, will be punished with a fine, the amount of which will be up to two hundred thousand rubles.

The organizations will be a special approach. They promise to apply a special system of fining: for violations on a large scale will apply penalties from three hundred thousand to half a million rubles. Also, their leaders can be punished by imprisonment of up to four years, with disqualification to hold command positions and work in a certain area for a period of up to 3 years.

Under the particularly large amount means the amount will exceed six million rubles. A particularly large amount of contributions outstanding organization will be considered as the sum of more than thirty million rubles.