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Samsung makes concessions in the field of labour protection

January 18, 2016

It took no less than 10 years to take such an important decision. Samsung makes the decision on cooperation in the field of occupational safety and health with their "enemies" - a human rights organization that defends the rights of victims within the walls of production workers and their relatives.

The first time the company giant has denied any involvement in the fact that in the production and then began to die workers, as it turned out, the reason lay in the manufacture of semiconductor products in the company's plants. For a long time the struggle between the former employees and their families and Samsung did not lead to any positive results, but things change, the company decided to take a responsible step.

The world's largest electronics manufacturer, said that issues apology and compensation have been resolved in the near future Samsung will sit down at the negotiating table.

The brochure, updated in August of last year, Samsung admitted that during or after leaving work at its semiconductor factories, some workers have been diagnosed with intractable diseases, however a causal link between working conditions and workers' disease has not been established.

Now the company has come to terms with the human rights organization, and wards where there are victims of leukemia and other diseases associated with the production, it will inspect the working conditions in factories corporation. Last year a similar proposal was rejected by the company, though Samsung has not refused to negotiate.

Also, finally resolved the issue of compensation for seriously ill in the production employees, the company believes that the exposed body representing the interests of victims, bills are too high, because the worker is not ill with cancer or leukemia. Many of the "sacrifices" reject the proposals of the company, because they do not cover their medical expenses.

Thus, the companies agreed while only the inspection of working conditions, but on the agenda there are still a lot of issues related to compensation. Currently, Samsung does not admit its responsibility for the workers identified the disease. Company representatives say that all of the required limitations provided occupational safety were met.

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of chips, supplying its products including competitors, for example of Apple Inc.