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In Penza have read a sentence to the employee of a construction company, because of which the person died

January 25, 2016

The Prosecutor's Office of Oktyabrsky district of Penza supported by the public prosecution in the trial of the criminal case against a resident of the city of Penza, born in 1985. Court, he was found guilty of committing a crime under h. 2 tablespoons. 143 Criminal Code (violation of labor protection requirements by a person which is entrusted with the obligation to comply with them, resulting in the death of man).

It is established that, taking up the position of a work of "New projects", being responsible for occupational health and safety, for the production of construction, and therefore obliged to follow the strict compliance staff rules and regulations on occupational health and safety in 08/17/2015 the period of time from 7-30 to 16-45, while on the construction site of a residential house in the city of Penza, he formed a team of workers without appropriate qualification training and education requirements of labor protection without providing them with personal protective equipment and safe working conditions. This allowed the placement of the goods with the possibility of razvalivanie at cluttered workstation on the ceiling of the 4th floor house under construction. In carrying out the construction work on the ceiling of the 4th floor of the 4th entrance to the construction site of a residential house was spillage bricks from the pallet to the worker performed the laying of bricks, which resulted in his expulsion and fall from the 4th floor to the concrete floor of the 1st floor.

The death of the victim at the scene came from the combined blunt head trauma, chest, groin, limbs and skeleton organ damage.

Guilty voluntarily compensate for the victim (the daughter of the deceased) damages in the amount of 1 mln. Rubles.

In accordance with the position of public prosecutor, data on the identity of the perpetrator, the circumstances of the crime as a result of the criminal proceedings the court he was sentenced to 1 year 6 months imprisonment with a probation period of 1 year.

The verdict came into force.