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The man in the cement mixer lost a leg

January 18, 2016

The indictment in the criminal case against 52-year-old Vologzhanina approved, according to the Prosecutor's Office of Vologda. Man accused of violating safety regulations during construction work.

The fact is that in May of last year were the construction work in the house on the street Prechistenskaya embankment. When the operation was over, one of the workers had to clean the mixer from the solution. When he was cleaning it, a concrete mixer suddenly stopped working. The man continued to repair the car and cleaning, but do not disconnect it from the network and climbed inside. He repeatedly struck with a sledgehammer on concrete mixer. Suddenly, the man machine began to work, and the working screw pinned to the wall.

At the cries for help ran male foreman and the watchman, who was stopped and the mixer.

The victim got serious bodily injury: he had to amputate the leg.

According to the Prosecutor's Office of Vologda, it was found that the man had no right to work with equipment such as a concrete mixer. He not only did not pass medical examination and baseline medical examination, but did not know how to work with the car and did not have a license to carry out the work. It made its executive director of contractor - 52-year-old defendant.

The case file sent to Vologda City Court.