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January 11, 2016

In Ufa industrial climber fell from the roof of the customs service. The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries, doctors are fighting for his life. The accident occurred during the cleaning of snow from the roof of the building. It is not known what caused the failure to observe the safety regulations or a tragic accident.

The incident occurred at about half past ten in the morning. According to the city rescue services, industrial climber fell from the roof of one of the buildings of the Bashkortostan customs. 24-year-old employee of a private firm cleaned the snow from the roof when, for as yet unknown reasons, he fell from a height of about 9 meters. Lifeguards and first aid to the victim summoned witnesses.

Jan Kalinin, head of information-analytical department of the Rescue Service of Ufa: "Today at 10:40 the emergency services Ufa received information from eyewitnesses that when working on cleaning the roof of the administrative building at the address: ul. Pushkin, 86, an industrial climber fell. As a result of the accident 24-year-old ufimets was hospitalized in one of the city hospitals. The causes and circumstances of the accident are found out. "

With serious injuries a young man was taken to a hospital for war veterans. Who is fighting for his life, doctors several metropolitan hospitals. At the very least, this information comes from unofficial sources. Doctors also do not yet commented. We only know that the condition of the victim at this hour is estimated as heavy.

In Ufa, this is not the first accident, which affected industrial climber. In March this year a worker carries out the repair of the facade of the house on the street Aksakov, I fell from the height of the fifth floor. As it turned out, a resident of the same house, being in a drunken state, cut the safety rope climber. The victim in that incident survived. At the suspect opened a criminal case. But the exact circumstances of the accident has yet to be set.