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Rosneft and NOC Eduard Khudaynatov interested in "Bashneft"

August 7, 2014

Russian oil giant and NOCs Edward Hadaynatov  not so long ago were interested in buying the parent structure of Bashkir fuel and energy, or some form of interaction with the company, "Vedomosti", citing an unnamed federal official. Offer to purchase "Bashneft" its shareholders allegedly from "Rosneft" and NOCs before the declaration of SPO in London. 

Source, "Vedomosti" argues that the negotiations about the possible purchase of the Bashkir and its owners were people associated with the oil giant, but the parties do not agree on the price. Source of the newspaper learned about it from the top management of "Rosneft". 

The Russian government has confirmed to journalists that NC, led by Igor Sechin, is interested in "Bashneft". 

According to the publication, E.Hudaynatov, met with the Chairman of the Bashkir oil companies sovdira Felix Yevtushenkov (his father - the main owner of AFK "System"), made the last bid to join the NOC and "Bashneft". However, in the structure of the Bashkir disagreed. 

Recall that E.Hudaynatova believe man Igor Sechin, to the year before, he worked as the president of the oil giant, and then became the first deputy head of the new Tax Code. Later, he left the company and created the NOC since buying promising oil and gas assets. 

Experts also note that the Bashkir company has a rather simple structure in the absorption of minority shareholders will be able to count on equal rights with the main owner. This differs from the deal to buy oil giant TNK-BP. 

According to analysts, "non-public merger with NOCs from the shareholders" Bashneft "is probably ... ambiguous scenario, since such a transaction they will have to evaluate the assets, which are mostly unknown to the market." 

Edward Hudaynatov denied a meeting with Felix Yevtushenkov and his proposal for the merger. "We are not even familiar with Felix Yevtushenkov and never met. I never made any proposals for "Bashneft" and, especially, not to make a bid to unite the NOCs with "Bashneft", - said Hudaynatov. 

In "Rosneft" refused to comment. 

Source: http://www.oilcapital.ru/company/250041.html