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With the beginning of the year, two workers of Bashkortostan died on the construction site of Orenburg

August 6, 2014

Completed the investigation of a deadly accident, which occurred with the working of Bashkortostan on the construction site in the Orenburg region. 

  The accident occurred on June 13 at the construction site "Trade pavilion TD" Sunrise "on the territory of the Central Market Orenburg." At 9:15, carrying out cleaning works construction debris fell from a height of 17 meters on the cement floor and the first floor of the received multiple injuries, died 46-year-old handyman. Conduct an investigation commission established that the cause of the accident was the non-use of personal protective equipment: Embossing shuttering joist on the third floor of a building under construction, the employee is not fastened safety belt, and is responsible for the safe conduct of the work foreman failed to exercise proper control over the observance of workers labor protection instructions. 

  This is the second accident, which occurred with the employees of the employer in the construction of the Ufa Trading House "Sunrise" in Orenburg. Jan. 29 while working the night shift at the site collapsed installed in violation of technological processes Half-floor concrete slab. One worker received minor injuries, and pinned plate 49-year-old slinger on the way to the hospital died. 

  It became clear in the course of investigations of incidents, victims were not human employees Ufa LLC "frame", leading the work on this site. They were recruited to Ufa individual entrepreneur, and then on the basis of a service agreement to provide personnel with the other employees of the trader sent to LLC "frame" to perform work on the project in the city of Orenburg. Slinger at the time of death he worked a little more than a month, and handyman died 4 months after the registration for work. 


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