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The general director of “Bashneftekhim” successfully completed the CEO School “Safety Capsule”

May 15, 2014

April 9, 2014 – The program of the CEO School “Safety Capsule” was finished with submission and presentation of projects and closing ceremony. This training is a cooperative conception of the “JSOC Bashneft” and “Sistema JSFC”. The corporation and oil company were presented by the following top managers: Aleksandr Goncharuk, Elena Vitchak, Aleksandr Korsik, Mikhail Stavskiy, and Maksim Andriasov.

The participants of the one-year training program had studied seven different modules from Finance, Project and Investment Management to key problems such as Thrifty and Safe Production, Corporate Culture and its Business Outcomes, Leadership and Effective Team Management.

Finally, the participants submitted seven different projects focused on improving business processes in the Bashneft company according to the studied modules. Each project was presented by a working group leader. Also an opponent and a sponsor spoke out on every project. The opponents had examined the projects beforehand and prepared their critique.

The project presentations were assessed by jury including Mikhail Stavskiy, Denis Stankevich, and Igor Marchenko.

The members of the jury made decisions based on the quality of the presentations and the opponents’s critique: either a project was approved for the implementation, or must have been corrected according to the jury’s recommendation, or project information was for reference only. Finally, the jury noted the high quality and relevance of the project materials.

The General Director of the educational center “Bashneftekhim” Sergey Gron was among the participants of the training program. He completed the CEO training and successfully submitted the final group project.