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The Employee Electronic Passport project was recognized as very profitable and successful at the SAP Forum in Moscow

April 17, 2014

Moscow, April 10, 2014 - The General Director of the educational center “Bashneftekhim” Sergey Gron successfully presented a project "Employee Electronic Passport as a factor in improving the competitiveness of a company" at the “SAP Forum“.

The report highlighted the benefits of the “Employee Electronic Passport (EEP)” project implementation at the industrial enterprises of Russia.

The EEP is the project of the educational center “Bashneftekhim” designed in collaboration with the "PEAK Systems" company.

The EEP is a smart card helping to access the central database that stores all the information about the employee, including the level of education, degrees, skills, qualifications, health checks, business trips, etc. The introduction of the EEP can reduce costs and improve staff efficiency. Ultimately, the EEP offers an effective HR tool that can greatly help a company to achieve its strategic goals.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the largest companies of the country. Our speaker’s report aroused great interest among the audience. "They applauded and recognized our decision as very profitable and successful" - said Sergey Gron.