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General Director of the Ufa training centre «Bashneftehim» Sergey Gron - about the alma mater of many petrochemical specialists

March 27, 2014

The petrochemical industry needs professionals

General Director of the Ufa training center " Bashneftehim " Sergei Gron tells about everyday life of the alma mater of many engineers and trades workers:

- Refining and Petrochemistry are the key points in the industrial sector of the economy of Bashkortostan. Petrochemical complex of the region is one of the most developed in Russia and makes an invaluable contribution to the economy.

But what could happen to the leading industry without staff training system? With no professionally trained workers, any production cannot exist for long.

Ufa training center "Bashneftehim" was created in 1964. This is the main training center for oil refining and petrochemical enterprises in the republic. For the 50 years of its existence, "Bashneftehim" has become the center for training and retraining employees from profiled enterprises of the republic, having trained hundreds of thousands of skilled trades workers, managers and professionals. Nowadays, 11 branches of the educational center are formed: Demsky , Dyurtyuli , Ishimbayskiy , Kandrinsky , Kuraskovsky , October , Priyutovsky , Seraphim , Hazinsky , Yanaulsky and St. Petersburg .

For every year, the training center and its branches prepare about 100 thousand man-courses, including 30,000 only in the head offices in Ufa. We have more than 200 educational programs, 104 full-time teachers and 200 part-time workers, which include teachers from other educational establishments and industry specialists.

The learning process is constantly getting enriched with technical innovations , including online training, electronic passport (e- personalized smart card , attached to a database containing information about the level of education, studied courses, certificates, etc.). The training center is working on one of the promising directions which is opening up a possibility to get higher education abroad for Russian students.

Hitherto, our training center like many others had difficulties associated with the necessity to update the materiel and educational base. But when the integrity system training was under threat in the republic, the charity fund “URAL” came to help the training center “Bashneftehim”.

On the account of the resources of the Fund, we performed significant repair: restored the façade of the head office building, renovated hallways and educational laboratories. The image of the establishment transformed. In addition, thanks to the help of the fund, we acquired training aids, computers, office equipment, furniture, and kitchen equipment. Also we equipped a training ground and mounted an installation for performing altitude works.

All this allowed to follow licensing requirements, expand the list of additional training programs, and to renew the license for educational activity . Our students enjoy training and receive highly professional skills.

I express myself and on behalf of the students and teachers gratitude to the Chairman of the Fund Board - Murtaza Rakhimov. Being an offspring of the oil refining industry, he understands our problems as no one else. He feels sorrow for the industry development and understands the importance of maintaining the existing training system. And I can definitely say that the help of the fund is not just a sole action towards our training center, but impacts the socio-economic development of the whole republic.