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The fire at the Ryazan Oil Refinery is said to be caused by the negligence of the Moscow Railways.

February 13, 2014

On the 12 of February, several oil tank cars were set on fire in the territory of oil refining company in Ryazan. The firefighting had not been stopped until the next morning.

The information about the blaze was received on Wednesday at 18:05 Moscow time. Four tank cars were caught fire at the site. The fire was completely extinguished at about 05:00 Moscow time on Thursday. The place of incident is now controlled by 306 people and 72 items. Nobody injured; there is no threat to the public safety as well.

A Rosneft source said in a statement that the fire of oil tank cars in the territory of the Ryazan oil refinery was caused by gross violation of the safety regulations and negligence by railway workers and the maneuver crew at the station of Stenkino-2 of the Moscow-Ryazan section of the Moscow Railway.

The Moscow Railways press service denied that it was the railway company to blame for the accident. The fire broke out on tracks that are in the territory of the refinery and controlled by the refinery company. A railway company source said workers at the plant violated the regulations to fasten cars and there was no proper control over the operation and safety of the load.

The investigations are being continued.