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For the first 9 months of 2014 combustion of APG In Russia decreased by 22%

December 19, 2014

During the first 9 months of 2014 flares burned 22% less APG over the same period in 2013 Such data led head of the Ministry of Russia Sergey Donskoy, speaking about the problem of air pollution in large cities during his speech at the first meeting of the Federal Environmental Council .

In particular, during the reporting period was burned in flares 8.4 billion cubic meters, compared to 2013 - 10.8 billion cubic meters

According to Sergei Donskoi of major air pollutants on a national scale are emissions from the burning of associated petroleum gas (APG). Only in the last three years, oil companies have invested in APG utilization projects over 194 billion rubles. Reducing the volume of gas flared says about the effectiveness of policy tightening sanctions, including significantly increasing the fees for emissions products flaring.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Russia developed mandatory requirements for automatic control of emissions will take effect from January 2018. He urged the representatives of regional authorities follow the example of the Moscow Government and put these rules in regional legislation now. "Implementation of best available technologies, provided adopted in July 2014 the law will require upgrading of many enterprises and, accordingly, we expect to improve the quality of the environment in many regions with traditionally high pollution" - summed up Sergei Donskoi.