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In the Krasnoyarsk region detected by the oil spill area of 150 square meters

December 9, 2014

November 30 at 15:00 the duty of OMVD Russia's Krasnoyarsk region received information that the 7 km of the road "Ural - Muhanovo" near the village Podlesniy discovered oil spill. Informs the press-service agency.

At the scene, left investigative team. Arriving police officers cordoned off the dangerous territory in order to prevent outsiders there. Law enforcers have found that in the said territory there is a breakthrough pipes of which belongs to one of the industrial enterprises. How do I find the police, the area of the oil spill was about 150 square meters. m. At the scene emergency team conducted a series of works, ground together with oil were taken to a special storage.