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On the Chinarevskoye field in Kazakhstan was killed worker

December 18, 2014

The Chinarevskoye field in West Kazakhstan region on Wednesday, December 2 killed 24-year-old work of the contractor. During work on the rig accident occurred: on the head of a young employee "UralskNefteGazGeologiya" fell iron roller.

From an unexpected shock 24-year-old man working on the rig, lost consciousness. Motionless body colleagues found masters and engineers. They called on the scene and doctors themselves had suffered first aid.

Arrived on the scene ambulance diagnosed for injured workers open craniocerebral trauma. Doctors, it was decided to urgently hospitalized young man. Unfortunately, on the way to hospital Darya man died.

Also, after the incident at the scene officers arrived DES. To investigate the details of the tragedy, a special commission. The body of the deceased employee of the contractor sent for forensic examination.

In turn, Andrei Mammadov, General Director of JSC "UralskNefteGazGeologiya" said that would have a material assistance to the family of the deceased and assistance in organizing the funeral.

To date, since the beginning of 2014 in the West Kazakhstan region killed five workers, another 57 people were injured varying degrees of severity.