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The Ufa breathe styrene, benzene and ethylbenzene

December 9, 2014

Regional CPS published a study of air quality in cities and regions of Bashkortostan: Ufa, Belebey, Davlekanovo, Kumertau, Aurgazinsky and Blagovarsky District.

The study showed that in the capital 4 samples do not comply with the content of styrene (1.1 MAC), ethylbenzene (1.4 MAC), xylene (1.1-1.2 MAC), gasoline (1.1 MAC).

In addition, were examined 75 samples of drinking water in all administrative territories of the republic. 21.3% - did not meet the standards.

"Elevated levels of hardness salts found in cities Davlekanovo, October, Askin, Aurgazinsky, Blagovarsky, Karmaskalinsky, Mishkinskoye, Sterlitamakskiy, Ufa, Chishminsky, Sharansky District, high sulphate content - in Davlekanovo, Sharansky District, manganese - in Ufa district, iron - in Krasnokamsky area TDS - in Sharansky District ", - said the department.

10 of the 64 soil samples were also outside the acceptable standards. According to chemical parameters they do not meet in Ufa, Belokatayskom, Duvan, Kiginskom, Salavat areas, the content of nickel - only in Ufa.