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In Pechora under the court will tree Feller JSC "Severgeofizika", wrongfully caused the death of a worker

November 16, 2014

Feller pleaded guilty to the crime. A criminal case has been referred to court.

According to the Investigation Department, an employee of "Severgeofizika" accused of causing death by negligence due to improper execution of their professional duties.

We recall the tragedy occurred on July 23 in the Pechora area. Cabin crew performed for the preparation of profiles required for seismic exploration. On one of the workers fell cut down a tree. 53-year-old man died from his injuries. The investigation found that feller did the technology provided the signature tree, did not examine the crash site and did not properly shielded rolls danger zone signs. At the same time he knew that in a dangerous 50-meter zone is occupied. A criminal case has been referred to court.