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From the flooded coal mine rescuers recovered the bodies of six miners

November 24, 2014

On Monday, November 17 in the province of Karaman in a coal mine in Ermenak search and rescue team reported finding the bodies of two of the eighteen miners. The same day, a few hours later the bodies were found six other miners.

Body miners were extracted from the mine and taken to the morgue of the state hospital Ermenak. Teams in the aftermath of natural disasters continue to make every effort to find the bodies of the remaining miners.

Earlier, on November 6, rescuers recovered the bodies of two of the mine the miners. Hopes that the other 16 miners would be found alive, had disappeared. Recall October 28 in Karaman province in Central Anatolia as a result of flooding of a coal mine 18 miners were trapped underground.

8 November on suspicion of negligence police arrested seven people, including three mine owners and five engineers. On the morning of November 10, was arrested the owner of a coal mine in Ermenak Saffer Uyar.

Cause of the accident, according to experts, was the negligence of Water in the mine was not pumped in a timely manner, which resulted in the flooding. According to regulations, the water must be pumped once a week.

The company's management also did not allow workers to spend lunch outside the mine, which is a violation of the rights of miners one hour lunch break. Workers would survive during a disaster, if at lunchtime were not in mine.

The owner of the company Uyar argues that failure to comply with the rules regarding the lunch break is practiced throughout the country in all the mines, and refused to take responsibility for the incident.

It was found that earlier in the company of several checks repeatedly subject to fines. In addition, two weeks ago as a result of flooding caused by water leakage, coal mine has been stopped. Leak has been fixed, but the water remaining in the gallery of the mine was not pumped.

Another fact, according to the commentators, testifying to the negligence of the company's management, is its inability to listen to the information published in the report of the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA). The report TEMA noted that the region is not suitable for coal mining and the continuation of work in the mine could eventually lead to flooding and loss of life.