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PE in the Gulf of Mexico

November 21, 2014

One person was killed and three injured in the explosion on the oil platform.

The explosion occurred on a platform of "Eco", which belongs to the company "Fildvud Energy." It is located just twenty kilometers off the coast of the US state of Louisiana. What was the cause of the incident - unknown. US media have reported one dead and three injured.

Environmentalists US already sounded the alarm, fearing the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico. However, the US Bureau of Environmental Control hastened to reassure conservationists. In his official report says that at the time of the explosion on the platform were not working for oil. This virtually eliminates the possibility of leakage of hydrocarbons. In fact, no reports of contact with oil at sea has been reported. The causes of the explosion are now trying to find out the guardians of the law of the State of Louisiana.

Four years ago, an explosion on location in the Gulf of Mexico oil platform company "British Petroleum" has caused one of the largest man-made disasters in the history of mankind. Due to leakage into the sea in a few million barrels of oil.