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In Turkey found the bodies of two miners who died as a result of breaks in the mine

November 14, 2014

The bodies of two Turkish miners found on the tenth day of rescue operations in the flooded mine near Ermenak in the central province of Karaman. Another 16 miners still missing. The incident occurred on 28 October. Accidents caused by burst pipe, blocked the miners at a depth of almost 400 meters. Then out to pick just 8 people. Zeynet Turarbekkyzy transfers from Turkey.

Body found after ten days of continuous operation. According to preliminary data, the miners found at a depth of about nine hundred and fifty meters. During the search operations of the mine was recovered about 10 tons of groundwater and 643 wagon mud. In the rescue operation was attended by over 800 people.

Taner Yildiz, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey:

Found the bodies of two miners near the proposed us the places where they had dinner. They will be delivered to the district hospital. After the identification and DNA testing of the body will be given to relatives of the victims. Water and mud in the mine rescue work difficult. But we will continue searching for the remaining miners inside.

According to the head of Commerce and Industry and Crafts Ermenak Ali mess, despite the tragedy occurring in mines, residents of the area against the closure of mining mines. "Closing the mines like killing all of the village," - he said.

In one of the speeches of the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that all mining companies will be thoroughly checked once again. Also in the Turkish Cabinet declared that provide free education to children of deceased miners from elementary school through graduation. Families of the victims will be provided and a delay in the payment of loans for 3 months.