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In Kherson burned ponds treatment facilities

November 13, 2014

November 6 at 9:35 in the operational and the focal point of the Main Control GSCHS began receiving calls from residents of the village of Geologists in Kherson that their apartment penetrates smoke from the pond sewage treatment plants of urban utility "Production management vodokanalizatsionnogo economy Kherson."

As the press service of oblUGSChS immediately to the scene left guard 14th State Fire and Rescue portion of Komsomolsk district and proceeded to extinguish the smoky area. To the aid of profit and power vodokanalizatsionnogo economy. Total elimination of ignition have been involved from GUDSNS area - 2 units of special equipment and personnel of 7 people, from utilities - excavator, tank, bus to transport people and 8 workers with shovels.

Given that rates of treatment facilities are without water and bottom with the remnants of dry vegetation dried out "in ashes" had shed smoke that "puffed" out of the ground.

Joint efforts at 16:30 fire was liquidated. But to control the situation rescuers organized on non-performing duty rates.