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On the Tomsk site SIBUR installed new systems of automation of technological process

November 13, 2014

On Tomskneftekhim (included in Sibur) under the program for the automation of production at several plants introduced new modern automated process control system (APCS).

New ACS installed on the nodes processing and hydrogenation pyrocondensate production of monomers.

Also, modern control systems installed in the production of polypropylene, the storage node, and transportation of polypropylene powder (under comprehensive reconstruction of polymer production), as well as separation of the polymerization of propylene and a plant for the production of a co-catalyst for polymer production.

"The introduction of advanced automated control systems, which are replacing the outdated means of automation, improve labor productivity, the level of industrial safety, quality of management and control of the process, which in turn has a positive effect on product quality and production efficiency," - said the chief metrologist enterprise S. lake.

The level of equipment manufacturing Tomsk site SIBUR modern APCS at some plants have already reached 80%.

In 2015, preparing for the implementation of another project control system in production of monomers.