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Office space programs the fate of the company

November 18, 2014

Scientists believe that the design and comfort of the workplace directly affect productivity.

Misconfigured conditioner increases the number of typos,

and rectangular tables inhibit creativity.

Conduct business - not an easy task. Every moment must make thousands of decisions. Head is not only responsible for making these decisions, but he depends on his own responses and their potential impact on commercial success: sink or swim. Feeling this pressure, day after day, to the design office for obvious reasons, do not pay attention. What difference does it looks like a workspace, if only work was done, right?

Wrong. Turns out, the formulation of corporate space has a profound impact on the business itself. Design decisions affect everything from the quality of execution and the number of errors to employee satisfaction.

Companies prefer traditional design, without realizing it,

harm their business. Office space should be bright!

Choose colors affect the quality of execution

At first glance, the choice of color schemes for the working space seems the simplest design solution: take the same colors that you choose for your brand. But do not hurry. National Institutes of Health study found that surrounding colors affect our ability to perform the job. Contact with blue and green hues improves performance when you need to generate new ideas. Red also helps in tasks that require attention to detail. No coincidence that the combination of red, blue and green seems most familiar. Many famous companies like Google, Ebay and Microsoft included these colors in a design scheme of their brands and offices. Pay attention to advertising: chances are good that you will often come across these three colors.

Green space on the desktop? - It works! Green tones are often used in corporate design, as proved by their positive impact on performance.

The rounded shape is adapted to cooperate

When buying furniture there are several factors that draws the attention of any employer, price range, style and even color. However, the form is often overlooked - and it is in vain. Use round or oval furniture design your workspace can encourage your staff to more creative thinking.

Study 2013, published in the report of the National Academy of Sciences, found that participants were more likely to engage in collective thinking, being planted on a curve. In contrast, in the rectangular style seating employees rather focus on themselves and their own thoughts. Interestingly, in the same study, the participants were inclined to believe the beautiful graceful space than straightforward environment. In addition, when planning space for the creative team a big round table may be more profitable investment than several separated rooms.

Choose curved furniture for rooms

where you most need creativity.

Decor attract higher skills

Earlier in the design of office space were considered priority smoothness and clean lines. Functionality was put above the form. Neutral tones were preferred color spots, as well as clean tables - cluttered. It seems, however, that this desire for minimalism gone too far. The lack of individuality in design offices leads to dissatisfaction of employees and increased employee turnover.

Architectural firm Gensler surveyed 200 executives from the legal sphere, media, publishing and financial firms. In a survey of those who work in an office space with economical design strategy, much more likely to feel that their employer is underestimated and neglected, than workers in the decorated space. Key to successful decoration - moderation. Too little - strictly and unfriendly, too much - disorderly and disorganized. Decorations on the walls should be interesting, but professional, and possibly match the colors of the painting, creating a unified whole.

In the office, pay attention to the decor,

employs more than happy employees.

Proper temperature reduces the number of errors

In any office in any sphere temperature is always becomes a battleground. One group sweats middle of winter, and the other is a warm sweater in high summer. Let not please everyone, but perhaps there is a way to help employees work with more plainly.

Generally accepted standards of OSHA (Occupational Safety Management and Safety) prescribe maintain offices in temperature from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius - the golden mean. However, according to new research at Cornell University, the temperature rose from 20 to more invigorating warm 25 degrees, you can reduce the number of typographical errors by 44% - an astounding result! Employee productivity while also rose sharply. In the design project can provide a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature at the same level.

One can not, of course, quite forgotten about employees who prefer a cooler climate. Invite them to individual methods of dealing with the heat: portable desktop fans or icy drinks will show them that you appreciate their high work without errors.

Do not allow employees to freeze in the workplace -

this may reduce the number of errors.