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Approved the Regulations on labor protection when handling and placing of goods

November 18, 2014

Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 17.09.2014 N 642n approved the regulations on labor protection during loading and unloading and placing loads. At the moment the order is not officially published.

  Regulations on Safety in the loading and unloading of cargo and placement:

  - Set the state regulatory requirements of labor protection in the performance of loading and unloading and placement of goods;

  - Obligatory for employers - corporations and individuals, regardless of their organizational-legal forms of ownership, carrying out cargo handling and distribution of goods, except for employers - individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs.

  As established by the Rules, to perform material handling and disposal of goods may be allowed workers aged at least 18 years since a mandatory preliminary medical examination, safety training and examination requirements of labor protection in the order established by the federal executive branch responsible public policy and legal regulation in the sphere of labor. At the same time to carry out cargo handling and disposal of goods with the use of lifting equipment may be allowed only workers with a license for the production of these works.

  Rules are also enshrined labor protection requirements:


    - Applicable to the production facilities, workplace organization, operation, equipment and tools;

  - The organization and implementation processes;

  - When working with dangerous goods.

  In addition, the Rules defined methods and parameters stowage.

  Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from 17.09.2014 N 642n registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice November 5, 2014.

This Order shall come into force six months after its official publication.


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