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November 12, 2014

In accordance with Russian legislation and international standards (ISO, OCHSAS) transition to a new model of management of occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety is determined by the need to co-building a modern system of measures and methods of industrial safety management, including the use of risk analysis methodology.

This is particularly relevant for security of oil and gas complex, run by an increased risk of accidents associated with the process of production, transportation, storage and processing of hydrocarbons and their implementation.

Technique HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability study, literally "the threat / danger" and "performance") - a recognized leader in the analysis of risks in high risk sites with catastrophic effects: explosions, fires, emissions harm-tion / hazardous substances; is a procedure for risk analysis consisting of process granularity and identification of operational irregularities and deviations-tions in the efficiency of the equipment, process unit or system, leading to a variety of undesirable consequences

Education HAZOP method allows to achieve the following objectives:

- The formation of ideas about the system of qualitative methods HAZOP;

- Training in research to identify possible deviations from design intent or technical conditions of a process or operation of technological systems;

- Practical application of the HAZOP method in the operation of technological systems of hazardous production facilities.

Table of Contents:

Osnovy risk management

Normativno legal regulation of the hazard analysis and risk assessment requirements of international and domestic safety standards

Bazovye concepts and applications of HAZOP method

Tehnologii and procedures (steps) of the method, its distinctive features

Analiz and risk ranking

Vyrabotka recommendations and next steps

Dokumentatsiya and reporting

Drugie risk analysis methods and their relation to HAZOP.

Categories of students, technicians, line managers, specialists services, Safety and E

The methodology and format of training mini-lecture with demonstration of presentation materials, photos and videos; discussions; decision situational problems; individual and group practical exercises.

Duration: 3 days.

Form of issue documents: certificate.