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In the course of the Conference on assessment of occupational risks raised questions regarding the special assessment of working conditions

October 30, 2014

As stated by First Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security Minister Sergei Velmyaykin, speaking on October 22 Conference on the assessment of occupational risks, which jointly held Russian Ministry of Labor and the Federal Service, "a special assessment of working conditions - a preparatory stage for more serious reforms in the field of labor protection." 

According to him, there is a need to change the methodological approach of the OSH management. "With the development of scientific thought to replace the doctrine of absolute security doctrine came another: there was an understanding that eliminate occupational risk is impossible. We can not claim that a particular workplace is absolutely safe. And, I think we should move in side management of occupational risks in occupational safety and health. "

According to Sergei Velmyaykin, the first step in the direction of reforms in the field of labor was the Federal Law "On special assessment of working conditions", which came into force in January 2014. 

"We have agreed with the social partners that are considering a special assessment of working conditions as the first step required in order to understand the actual state of affairs, that the society had a clear idea of ​​how many jobs in the country, how many people they employ and, most importantly, the conditions in which these people work, "- said the deputy minister. 

    According to Sergei Velmyaykin Act spetsotsenke working conditions provides a gradual transition from the payroll of the principle to the principle of determining the actual impact of harmful and hazardous factors in a particular workplace, including for on the basis of a specific assessment to identify and determine the level of occupational risk. 

    "In parallel, we are preparing proposals for legislation on the transition from the doctrine of absolute security to the assessment of acceptable risk. Work on this topic, it is very important to understand the view of science in this direction," - he shared, stressing that the outcome of the conference would be to identify common approaches to the assessment and management of occupational risks, as well as the formation of proposals on the introduction of the legislation. 

    Sergei Velmyaykin informed the participants that according Rostrud number of fatal victims in the first 9 months of 2014 amounted to 1,205 people. 

"We are in a steady decline in the number of fatalities in the workplace. In view of the dynamics of 2014, we expect a significant reduction in fatal injuries for the year. All last year - 2757 people, and at 9 months of this year - 1205 people," - said the deputy minister. 

    He also said that the most traumatic construction industry remains (in 2013 killed 646 people). "The Ministry of Labor, realizing that we have a dangerous zone, moves the focus of their attention including the construction site. We are currently developing new rules of labor protection in construction. Now there is a public discussion of them," - said Sergey Velmyaykin. 

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