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The Ministry of labor issued the first certificate expert on the right to perform work on a special assessment of working conditions

October 16, 2014

The first certified expert was Elena Ovodova employee of "Regional Standard." She received a certificate from the hands of the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Sergei Velmyaykin. 

Sergei Velmyaykin told that to obtain the certificate necessary expert remotely pass the exam in the form of computer-based testing. 

"Our goal was to distance from the test trieth. Testing can pass through the regional labor inspectorates, "- said the first deputy minister. 

He also said that as of today, five people from the Republic of Tatarstan, Orenburg and Tula regions have successfully passed the qualification test. 

Sergei Velmyaykin recalled that the special assessment of working conditions "is intended to provide an objective assessment of the working conditions of each employee and, depending on these conditions of work, to ensure the provision of appropriate him benefits and compensation." The first measure is applicable in respect of trades that are harmful and dangerous.