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International forum ENES-2014

October 15, 2014

Moscow, October 7, 2014 - Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the initiative of the Ministry of Energy for the third international forum on energy conservation and efficiency ENES-2014, which will be held from 20 to 22 November 2014 in Moscow. The Head of State said that the forum has become a traditional and anticipated event in the professional community. 

  According to Vladimir Putin, today the energy efficiency of their production and consumption are the most important factor in steady development of the national economy and its competitiveness, determine the quality of people's lives. "Our strategic goal in this direction is to support promising scientific developments and business initiatives, widespread adoption of advanced, innovative technologies and equipment. Priority should be given to the promotion of sustainable energy consumption among the population," - said the President of Russia. 

  October 7, 2014 the Russian Energy Ministry has submitted a business forum program ENES-2014. The key theme of this year - "Energy efficiency as a driver to increase competitiveness and economic growth." 

  In ENES-2014 will be attended by about 7000, and more than 100 Russian and foreign companies, heads of federal executive and legislative authorities, governors, businessmen and leading experts. Among the main topics of discussion - the balance between long-term government priorities in the area of ​​reducing energy intensity of the economy and solving the current problems. Participants will discuss what effect will restore parity in the international cooperation between Russia and the European and Asian partners as to create conditions for attracting private investment in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. 

  According to the Minister of Energy Minister Alexander Novak, today we can talk about the positive impact on offline ENES process of modernization of the Russian economy at promoting energy-saving ideas in the society. "Thanks to the government decision on the results of the last forum, in industries driven by the introduction of the best available technologies in the field of energy conservation, enhanced responsibility of the federal ministries in terms of ensuring the growth of energy efficiency. As a result, in 2013 we were able to reach the targets for reducing energy intensity of GDP in Russia 2%, "- said Alexander Novak, stressing that there is still a lot of work. 

  Co-organizer of the international forum ENES is the Government of Moscow. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin expressed confidence that ENES-2014 will cause a great professional interest and will promote investment in energy efficiency projects and energy efficiency. During the forum, the capital metropolis will present its experience in attracting extrabudgetary investment in MCD, the modernization of urban outdoor lighting and the use of vehicles that use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fuels. 

  A detailed program of the International Forum ENES-2014 can be found at www.enes-expo.ru 

Source: http://minenergo.gov.ru