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DuPont and Training Center "Bashneftechem" are new technologies in the field of chemical protection

August 22, 2014

DuPont and Training Center "Bashneftekhim" are new technologies in the field of chemical protection of working 

Training Centre "Bashneftekhim" during the training a lot of attention is given to the listeners a sense of responsible attitude to their own health, as well as to the health and lives of others. The main contingent of the audience - are employees of enterprises of oil and gas, refining and petrochemical activities are related to risk of work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Responsible employer creates a secure, compliant legislation jobs. However, the specifics of the exploration, production, transportation and processing of oil and gas, unfortunately, can not completely eliminate the risk of occupational accidents and diseases. Therefore, the last barrier between the worker and the risk of becoming personal protective equipment (PPE), which should definitely be used during the work. 


Training Centre "Bashneftekhim" meets regularly seminars employers and workers of the enterprises with the manufacturers of PPE. So, August 15, 2014 a seminar was held with the participation of: 

- A representative of DuPont - the world leader in the design and production technologies to ensure the protection of human life, 

- Representatives of «Bashneft" and its contractors, 

- Representatives of the emergency response teams, 

- Teachers training center "Bashneftekhim." 

The seminar was devoted to the presentation of protective clothing against chemical hazards: chemical protection suit, Tyvek and secretly. 

The participants showed great interest, asked a lot of questions on the properties of overalls as protective and providing comfort to the person. The seminar participants were given the opportunity to try on suits right in the audience. 

Opinion of the representative of DuPont Sergei Zigangirova: 

"... I want to thank you for organizing the event. DuPont training class at the training center "Bashneftekhim" I really liked. In addition, equipped with class I gave samples of our chemical protection suit, Tyvek and Tychem, you can use them in the course of training for the employees of the enterprises. 

At the seminar, ask lots of questions - like it. 

I think the next workshop can have an overview of the protection from splashes of chemicals, from fine dust, from the high temperatures and electric arc (Nomex material). 

Thank you for your warm welcome! "

In general, the seminar was marked as a useful exercise that gives knowledge of the modern means of individual protection.