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The number of victims on mine in Vorkuta increased to eight

March 10, 2016

The mine "North" in Vorkuta, where in the afternoon there was a mountain pass, evacuated 79 miners, another 31 people still underground. According to the latest data, as a result of the accident eight people were injured, said TASS head of the press service of JSC "Vorkutaugol" Tatiana Bushkova.

"At the moment we evacuated 79 miners, 31 people remain in the mine. It is currently known about the eight victims. The first two, who complained to doctors of a headache, examined and sent home. Two others were hospitalized, one miner suspected spine injury, in second -. head injury recently been brought to the surface with four other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, they are transferred to physicians, "- said a company representative.

mine work suspended the rescue operation continues. Created headquarters, which included company executives and representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations. To participate in the rescue operation in Vorkuta, Komi flew Acting head Sergei Gaplikov.

In fact the state of emergency is organized investigation verification, investigators inspect the scene after the completion of rescuers, said Senior Assistant Head Investigation Department of the regional Svetlana Korovchenko. On the site there are five teams VGSCH. Electricity, lighting and ventilation shafts are in working order.

According to preliminary data, there was a mountain pass, at that time under the ground was changed from 105 people at the site of the accident in the underground workings of the mine "North" - eight people.

Mining strike - fast sudden destruction is extremely tense part of the array of minerals (rocks), adjacent to underground mine workings. Mining strike accompanied by the release of rocks in mines, strong sound effect, the emergence of a strong air wave.

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