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In "Surgutneftegaz" were trying to silence an industrial injury

March 3, 2016

What happened to "Surgutneftegaz" had tried to pass off as household injury to bypass all the requirements of the Labor Code. A case was as follows: in the course of works on one of the workers broke out clothes, with the result that he was badly burned and became disabled. The company's management did not even bother to call the victim, "ambulance" and took him to the hospital on their own, by giving the incident for personal accidents. As a result of the accident the man brought disability and 5 thousand rubles from the company.

The alarm sounded the wife of the victim, she told me how things were. Given the fact that the accident investigation was conducted properly, and that all the circumstances were not found. However, his wife said that her husband and his partner sent me latch on well Rogozhnikovsky field located in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. There is one more working team. During the installation of the valve occurred condensate drain, which soaked clothes of the victim and his colleagues. The woman said that the men had been issued for the iron keys, and special coated copper should be issued, then maybe nothing would have happened. When friction is likely to form a spark and lit on the affected clothes. Flames are not spared and the second employee, the other trying to put out the fire.

Call the ambulance no one bothered, men were taken to the "official" vehicles to the local hospital, which is located 420 kilometers from the mine. At the hospital, medical staff were told that the affected consumer injury, the second victim confirmed that they poured gasoline with a colleague in one of the garages in Surgut Station, when there was a fire. What were the motives of the second victim is not known, most likely, fear of losing their jobs. The woman told her husband about a week was unconscious, only he was in the hospital 4 months, almost half the time - in the intensive care unit. The victim underwent several operations and still be a few. As a result, the victim's wife is now on her husband draws a disability to work, he is unlikely to ever be able to.

From the company of the victim's family received no assistance, only one - a purchase of special means on a bedridden patient care, are not included in the list of funds provided under the policy of the MLA.

Currently, at the request of his wife working on "Surgutneftegaz" recognized industrial injury, but the blame for the incident lay in the victim himself. According to them, a man smoking on a pipe, and therefore fired up. However, the wife does not agree with such conclusions, because the work experience at her husband in the oil industry for 20 years and he is well aware of all safety requirements. But do not stop all the mishaps, the second victim has filed a lawsuit against his colleagues, supposedly he is guilty that he got burns.

A woman alone in trying to obtain justice, sends letters to various authorities, but so far they remain unanswered.