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January 15, 2016

On municipal solid waste in the village Turgenevo Belogorsk district earned Russia's first power station on landfill gas. This was reported in the press service of the Crimean Republican Association "Ecology and Peace".

As the president of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, Professor Victor Tarasenko, landfill gas released as a result of decay of organic waste at the landfill. For the collection of the gas at the landfill construction workers pull out a special pit where trash dumped. The trench is drilled borehole and install special pipes and columns. With these engineering structures landfill gas is collected and sent to a special chamber, and then flows directly to the generator.

"This is a pilot project through which to solve a range of important problems: ensuring regulatory storage of solid municipal waste, reclamation of waste pits, reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere and reducing the greenhouse effect, as well as the development of an alternative type of electricity," - said Tarasenko.

Currently biogas plant generates 60 kW / h. This power will be enough to provide electricity to a fully 10-apartment house. However, in the long term experts are going to equip the entire territory of the vent wells landfill. According to Viktor Tarasenko, it will give 500 to 700 kilowatts of power.

"The project is not situational, taking into account the history of a blackout in the region. We have briefed the leadership of Kazakhstan on the ongoing work at the beginning of November and received support. The future plans - drafting model gas generation at the site and the launch of high-installing biogas, which will completely eliminate exit gases into the atmosphere and contribute to the fight against greenhouse gases. We hope that this pilot project will be the first in the Russian Federation ", - said the president of CAS.