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From ignition tank gas in Mexico injured 15 people

January 22, 2016

The tank with gas in the Mexican city of Tonala crashed into a electricity pylon and then caught fire. By a fluke, not a fire claimed the lives of children from the nearby kindergarten.

Mexico City, January 20 2016

Fifteen people were injured in a fire tank with gas in the Mexican city of Tonala, said Tuesday the rescue services of Jalisco.

According to rescuers, from tanks brakes failed, causing it crashed into a support power lines. A pillar fell, as follows from the fuel tank ignited.

All this happened not far from the kindergarten. From there, they were immediately evacuated kids. Also burned nine cars parked near the scene of the incident, suffered a variety of objects of local businesses.

In place of the state of emergency firefighters arrived, 40 minutes that fought the fire.