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About seismic activity due to hydraulic fracturing will warn military technology

January 11, 2016

Company GeoEMS (Energy Monitoring Systems) has introduced its technology to help oil and gas operators to monitor the impact of hydraulic fracturing on seismic activity in the region where the works. It is reported by Information Resource Rigzone.

Initially, this technology was developed for the US Department of Energy and the Air Force of the country in order to ensure control of the consequences of nuclear testing. Recently, however, the company has concluded that it can be adapted to the oil and gas sector.

Now GeoEMS provides data of a horizon containing carbon dioxide, geothermal areas pockets lava, and can also be used for monitoring seismic hazard and stability fracturing horizontal wells.

Independent system operator shows the zone of seismic activity in near real time. Thus, the data transfer period is limited to three minutes. The information is transmitted via text alerts to the operator of the system or a whole list of experts.

"Nobody can predict earthquakes, but the technology allows you to make daily reports, and so operators can see what seismic activity takes place in the area of ​​the fracture or other work," - said Stephen Taylor, head of research GeoEMS.

The elimination of problematic situations wells can cost companies between $ 100 thousand. 200 thousand. Dollars each. At the same time one control complex costs about 20 thousand. Dollars. And it is capable of transmitting data using analytical cellular or Internet, i.e. remotely.

It should be noted that previously did not exist any system monitoring seismic activity at gidrorazyve. Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey earthquake continuously records, which experts believe are associated with oil production.