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Migrant worker from Korea he broke his neck after falling from the roof of the trailer at the logs on the forest delane in EAO

January 11, 2016

December 4, the duty investigator of the investigation department of the city of Birobidzhan Investigation Department of Insurance Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region was reported that on November 28 on the forest Delianov, 60 km from the village of Bira Obluchensky district area died working a limited liability company engaged in harvesting Obluchensky wood in the area. On this fact the investigating authorities started checking.

Natalia Dobrobabina, senior assistant to the head of SU IC Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region "According to preliminary data, a citizen of North Korea, is an employee of the company on the harvesting of wood in his spare time, he climbed to the roof of the trailer to stay working to fix the chimney. However, because of lying roof snow could not resist and fell down on a log. Another foreign worker decided to transport the victim to a car in a medical institution in the city of Birobidzhan, but on the way the man has died. According to the preliminary conclusions of the expert, his death was caused by combined injuries of the head, neck and fracture the cervical vertebrae .

During the test, investigators will have to establish the legality of a finding of the deceased citizen of North Korea in the region, the validity of the company's management actions on hiring foreign labor, as well as the presence in their actions evidence of a crime under Art. 143 Criminal Code (violation of labor protection requirements). There will also be studied, and other versions of what happened, including those related to the violent death of a worker. According to the results of the audit will be made a procedural decision. "