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The fire at the Tushino plant was extinguished more than five hours

January 19, 2016

Violation of safety requirements could cause major fires in Tushino engineering plant. 15 thousand square meters! A record of the spread of fire fire extinguished more than five hours. The experts have no doubt: similar incident once the legendary company, which collected "Buran" was predictable.

Plant smoldered all day. Even at noon the flames broke out from under the collapsed floors of burnt hangars. The tenant of that part of the building, which suffered less from the fire, still cherished the hope to save the equipment.

Now access to the building is closed. Firefighters do not exclude complete collapse of the building. The footage taken from the air, much like the roof sagged. This is a huge fire in Moscow for a quarter of a century: 15 thousand square meters of the giant hangar lit up like a match.

It is already known: the building leased. It is located just 15 companies. Areas of different - lubricants, machinery, household chemicals, warehouse. The representative of the factory says that fire safety they had no problems.

Footage in this same hangar a few years ago: huge racks occupy about a third of the space. At the site of the fire the police found four hundred barrels of capacity from 20 to 40 liters of fuel. On compliance with fire safety regulations at the facility reported in the capital MOE. Fire inspection Inspectors visited here just at the beginning of December, 40 violations were.

What exactly was the reason for the grand fire investigators are now trying to find out. Version arson shelf almost immediately. Eyewitnesses claim that they heard explosions.

Fire engines arrived at the place of emergency within five minutes after the call. But the building is flushed. Law enforcers have found that the protection of the plant itself tried to extinguish the fire, which means that no automatic extinguishing system in the building and was not. But what caused the fire, talk about it on the ashes of the tenants.

Start a detailed investigation prevents literally hanging over his head the threat. But experts believe the fire: no store here was not to be, that once the largest industrial complex Aerospace plant. From 2013 on, he - bankrupt.

During the war fighter is collected, then punched trolley buses and trams. In the 80s it was burnt down in the night hangar was established the Soviet space shuttle "Buran". During the perestroika years of the legendary car unattended lay at the plant.

In the 90s the plant was abandoned. As a result of 28 thousand workers by 2013 is only 900 people. And the finale - the cosmic dimensions of the fire. Now the priority version - a violation of security requirements.