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"Gazprom Neft" for the first time held a 15-stage hydraulic fracturing

January 25, 2016

"Gazpromneft-Khantos" put into operation a horizontal well, which for the first time in the group of companies "Gazprom oil" produced large-15-stage hydraulic fracturing (frac) *. Run EMG with so many stages managed by the use of "bessharovoy" injection technology and the stimulation **.

The multi-stage fracturing downhole South Priobskoye field held as part of working with hard to recover reserves. When well depth of 4.2 km length of the horizontal section of 760 meters. The peculiarity of the layout provided by the horizontal section is that it allows you to work on the stimulation during the entire period of operation of the well and removes the restrictions on the number of organized fracturing.

After well completion expected operational capacity will be at least 75 tons of oil per day, at least 10% higher than in the hydraulic fracturing with fewer steps. Implementation of innovation makes it possible not only to increase the production rate, but also in the long term will increase the share of hard-developed reserves.

"The use of modern technology - absolute priority in all divisions of" Gazprom oil ". In particular, in 2015 we expect to increase the volume of horizontal drilling in subsidiaries by 12.5% ​​- up to 334 wells, including a number of high-tech wells completed with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing for the current year will grow by more than 40% - up to 238 units "- said the first deputy chairman of" Gazprom oil "Vadim Yakovlev.

"The strategy of" Gazpromneft-Khantos "would increase the production of hydrocarbons, including through involvement in the development of stranded oil, reducing operating costs and technological development of the production. The introduction of innovations in our facilities enables us to successfully implement our plans, "- said General Director of" Gazpromneft-Khantos "Sergey Doctor.

* Hydraulic fracturing (EMG) - a way of intensifying oil production at the field. It lies in the fact that high pressure is pumped into the formation of a special mixture of liquid and proppant (proppant). In the process of feeding a mixture formed by highly conductive channels (fracture), connect the wellbore and the formation. These cracks ensured the flow of oil that otherwise would not in the well hit. EMG is performed in horizontal wells. When multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (MGRP) in one horizontal well bore is carried out several operations fracture thus provides a manifold increase in the coverage area of ​​one well layer.

** Features of the new technology, especially in the way frac port isolation (points inside the well, where it is planned to hold EMG) from each other. When using the more traditional "ball" technology, each new area is separated from the previous SRC composite or metal ball. The diameter of the balls increases from zone to zone, and does not allow for more than 10 hydraulic fracturing operations because of the design features of the well. During the MGRP the South Priobskoye as an insulator is not used balloons and a special tool with reusable seals the "cushion", which swells and separates the areas where EMG has held. After the work she returns to the original size and the equipment can be transported to the next place for fracturing downhole (while the balls after the completion of fracturing operations need to destroy the special). In this case, the number of frac stages is limited to the length of the hole and the technical and economic calculations. In addition, the introduction of technology allows unlike the "balls" to carry out research within the well and re-fracturing and will start production after all operations.