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In Krasnodar killed 30-year-old construction worker, fell from a height of 18 floors

December 11, 2015

In Krasnodar, there was a fatal incident. In the neighborhood Gidrostroiteley on the territory of construction of a multistory building, killing one of the workers. 30-year-old man fell from the 18th floor. He received serious injuries incompatible with life.

To the scene investigators arrived, they find out the cause of the tragedy. Most likely, a young builder with the performance of their duties are not careful. Consequently excluded the version of murder, citing the testimony of eyewitnesses.

Earlier, a similar incident occurred outside the territory of Sormovo under construction 16-storey building. Then killed four laborers falling from the 13th floor. Fifth managed to survive, but he is in intensive care. The tragedy occurred on March 28, 2015. Age of victims was 53 - 60 years. It has been found that builders dropped due collapsed platform, wherein the fixed metal rack.