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The chief engineer of the project "Volgograd arena": "the Accident did not affect the progress of construction of the stadium"

November 12, 2015

However, the organization said in a contractor to carry out additional security briefings and ekzamenovke workers.

In Volgograd, he continues his work a special commission, which understands the circumstances of injury two workers at the construction site of the new stadium.

Recall November 7, around 13.00 in the sector «D» of the stadium as a result of the collapse of the structure of the elevator shaft broke down from a height of two workers. Men with injuries of mild to moderate severity were taken to the hospital number 25, where they are at the moment.

As it became known, 30 were hospitalized and 33-year-old workers were working as part of one of the contractors in St. Petersburg. In the blood of young people on the basis of medical examination did not show any banned substances, including drugs and alcohol.

- Both the employee had access to the sector and to the ongoing work on the construction of monolithic structures, - said the agency "Volga-Media" the chief engineer of the project "Volgograd Arena" Victor Baturo. - The incident has not affected the progress of construction of the arena, but decided to hold additional briefings on security and ekzamenovke workers.

We add that immediately after the incident, the company informed the contractor about what happened Rostekhnadzor, the prosecutor's office, as well as the State Labour Inspectorate.

Note now the stadium works on monolithic structures of the first floor. In this type of work involved more than 170 people.

Football stadium "Volgograd Arena" for the games of the group stage, as well as games 1/8 and 1/4 finals of the 2018 World Cup. The new stadium will be built on the banks of the Volga River at the site of the Central Stadium in the future will be the home ground of the local football team "Rotor". After the FIFA World Cup stadium will also be used as a multifunctional complex for a variety of events.

Construction of the stadium will be carried out in several stages so that the end of 2015 will perform installation of foundations, assemble construction of the first floor. In 2016, construction will continue tiers of the complex will begin installation of metal structures and equipment. Commissioning works and landscaping is planned for the second half of 2017. Under the contract, the stadium will be completed in November 2017.