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"PH Watertight" has fully replaced imported geophysical equipment

November 15, 2015

"RN-Uvatneftegaz", a subsidiary of NK "Rosneft", came to 100% the level of import substitution during the well logging (GIS) in the fields of the Uvat project. In 2014, the level of use of imported equipment during the GIS was about 25%.

One successful example of import substitution during the well logging is the use of domestic MEGA-3. This complex, replacing the imported equipment, full-scale used in open hole wells in Uvat project, particularly at the Ust-Tegusskoe, South Gavrikovskom they. Malyk, West Epasskom, Protozanovskom.

The advantages of the complex domestic experts attribute a significant reduction in the time to research, the ability to carry out work in the wells with a complex trajectory, and in highly mineralized solutions, as well as improving the accuracy of measurements. It is also important that the monthly savings companies by avoiding the import of more than 700 thous. Rubles.

The use of domestic appliance AVAK-11, designed for wideband cross-dipole acoustic research, allows you to get the same level of savings during the GIS in exploration wells. The quality of the data to the level not inferior to foreign analogs, previously used.

The company set up a joint commission of representatives from import substitution "RN-Uvatneftegaz" the government of the Tyumen region and the regional Association of Machinery Manufacturers, neftegazoservisnyh companies. Having considered the proposals of the enterprises of the Tyumen region "RN-Uvatneftegaz" concluded a number of agreements with producers of import-substituting products.