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Training for the profession "Technician of chemical analysis" can now be conducted online!

December 14, 2015

Laboratory chemical analysis - a profession is highly demanded in the labor market.

Not everyone can be trained internally.

Training center "Bashneftekhim" offers to be trained in the profession "Laboratory chemical analysis" remote in distance format. This will allow you to study at any time convenient for you.

To do this you need to sign up for the course to have a computer with Internet connection and the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system Windows 7 or higher

- Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer 10 and above, Google Chrome 10.0.648.204 and above, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and higher, Opera 11.1 and higher, Safari 5.0.4 or higher

- Installed software Adobe Flash Player (licensed free) not less than 11 versions

The study of the course by means of lectures, presentations, photos and video exercises. If you need to write essay (5 digit).

Advisory assistance during the course, you may have a teacher and under the rubric "Ask a teacher."

Test your knowledge in two stages:

- To means of final testing in distance learning system;

- Oral examination based on the results of theoretical training and practical training, which is conducted online.

The duration of training is discussed individually with each customer, but not less than 3 weeks of the theoretical course.

Tuition fees according to the price the training center.

We are waiting for you at our remote site!