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Siberian scientists have invented a new method of obtaining energy

October 7, 2015

In Tomsk State University have developed a new technology for producing energy using biomethane.

Biogas technology play a major role in creating environmentally friendly energy sources. They are based on processing of organic waste. The traditional technique involves the fermentation of biomass with the release of gases - methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Of particular value is methane, which can be converted into fuel for transport or electricity. However, using classical techniques can not receive more than 70% methane, moreover, requires biogas cleaning, which means extra cost in both time and finances.

Tomsk scientists figured out how to bring a new level of the familiar technology.

"With electroactivation we increased the speed of fermentation of biomass tripled. At the same time, most importantly, we were able to ensure that the content of carbon dioxide output is controllable to zero, - the press service of the Tomsk State University Research Institute of the words biology and biophysics university Alexander Yagovkina. - That is a result of the fermentation process, we will not get a mixture of gases, and nearly pure biomethane. "

The process of fermentation of biomass in conventional technology is at a low speed because metanobakterii involved in processing very slowly multiply and develop. The electrical activation of the medium DC voltage allows the bacteria to give extra power and speed their work. The cost of this activation are back with a vengeance.

Biogas production not only helps to solve the energy issue, but also a number of environmental issues: methane released into the atmosphere, is a "greenhouse gas", which gives the effect of the heating of the planet and is considered by many scientists to global warming. In addition, the biogas technology comes to the aid of businesses that produce organic waste (for example, large-scale livestock complex).

The development of Tomsk scientists have become interested in abroad. Find a use for it, and at home: the know-how will help to reduce the payback period of the stations and make a great contribution to the country's energy.