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The day of the exchange of experience in anti-security (TMG) at the site of the Ufa Training Center "bashneftechem" in Dyurtyuli

September 11, 2015

In the territory of Dyurtyuli Training Center was held a review competition of the 6 best teams drillers workover from different contractors providing services to repair wells in PJSC «Bashneft».

This is not the first contest held in the territory of the educational center "Bashneftekhim."

Protection of life and health of employees and employees of partner organizations, the creation of a safe working environment are fundamental values ​​in training.

Accidents related to public blowout at the objects of oil and gas, have a high potential threat to life and health of employees and property companies. One of the main methods of preventing such accidents are qualified safety personnel actions and workover crews. This was the purpose of smotra- competition.

In the first stage each team member to issue tickets, consisting of 13 questions. Each question was given multiple answers, of which it was necessary to choose the right. Questions were formed with the help of federal rules and regulations in the field of industrial safety "Safety in the oil and gas industry", the PLA and the "Instructions for the Prevention of GNVP." For answers to questions posed in the ticket was given 20 minutes.

In the second stage crew was issued 10 photographs in which it was necessary to identify and mark all possible violations. At this stage, the team met together. A response was given just 20 minutes.

And the last stage of the "masters of the written survey." Master issued work permit for the simultaneous production drilling, development, operation and maintenance of wells on a bush. For 20 minutes it was necessary to identify violations and specify them in the permit.

If such a state of emergency is happening in reality, on the speed and coherence of the team it depends very much. Because of the incorrect actions of personnel drilling situation could result in a disaster risk to the lives of many people and damages that may be tens of millions of rubles.

The winners received their prizes. However, this is not the most valuable, that participants took away with them. Where more valuable than the experience that they have received and which may allow them in a difficult situation to deal with it quickly, without putting themselves and others at risk.