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Stationary booms Transneft will protect the waters of the Gulf Discovery

August 26, 2015

OOO "Transneft - Far East" launched at the mouth of the river Partisan, which flows into the Gulf of Nakhodka, stationary booms. They are designed to protect the waters of the bay and communicating with the river lake Lebyazhye.

These designs will serve as a reliable guard the waters by floating debris, spots of fuel and lubricants. In addition, the booms reduce to a minimum the risks of falling into the sea of ​​oil in the event of emergency situations on the main oil pipeline ESPO-2, passing through the bottom of the river a few miles upstream, said the press service of Transneft.

According to the chief engineer of the Regional Oil Pipeline Management "Dalnerechensk" Company "Transneft - Far East" Denis Cheplyanskogo, barriers are arranged so that the entire man-made debris from the surface of the river accumulate in a special pocket where it will be removed periodically duty brigades.

"Previously, such devices on the rivers of the Far East have not been applied. They are designed and manufactured taking into account the strong influence of the tides on the movement of water masses in the river. On navigable bonds will not affect. They will improve the ecological situation in the mouth of the Partisan and Lake Lebyazhie who declared a natural monument of regional value, "- said the chief engineer.

On the basis of the data obtained during the operation of booms, recommendations will be made to install similar devices on other rivers of the Far East, which crosses the ESPO-2.