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In Ufa five workers fell from a height

July 25, 2015

July 22 from a private construction sites along the street Schmidt in Ufa an accident.

Upon the death of 4 working a criminal case under article 216 of the Criminal Code "Violation of safety rules during the construction work." According to preliminary data of the investigation, five workers carried out the finish of the southern wall of the facade under construction multi-storey residential building in the Leninsky district of the city of Ufa. Contractor was construction firm SF "Warm House".

While lifting the suspension on the construction platform at the 7th floor, right side of the platform start to descend sharply, leaving four construction workers fell to the ground. The fifth managed to escape, caught on the railings and leaping through the window of one of the apartments.

Three victims received from numerous injuries died at the scene. Fourth in serious condition was taken to hospital, where he also died.

During the inspection of the scene investigators seized two hoist mechanism hanging platforms and metal cables.

Who carried out the mandatory in such cases, the investigative actions and operational-search measures to establish all the circumstances of what happened. Installed person or group of persons involved in the crime. The issue of the appointment of medical and technical expertise.