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Approved a new interstate standard for professionals in the field of occupational health and safety in the workplace

July 23, 2015

GOST 12.4.292-2015 "Occupational safety standards system. Personal respiratory protection. Insulating self-rescuers with chemically bonded or compressed oxygen. Technical requirements. Test methods. Marking. Terms sampling" approved by Order Rosstandart from May 27, 2015 N 452- Art.

   The standard applies to insulating self-rescuers with chemically bonded or compressed oxygen intended for emergency respiratory protection in the unbreathable atmosphere during evacuation or while waiting for help, and self-rescuer sets requirements, test methods, marking and rules of sampling.

   The standard does not apply to self-rescuers: military; for a fire escape; specially designed for fire departments and divisions to ensure the elimination of consequences of emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters; specially designed for use in aviation, space technology and underwater work; specially designed for use in medical applications and in microbiology.

   In connection with the introduction of the Russian Federation GOST 12.4.292-2015 from June 1, 2016 canceled GOST 12.4.220-2012.

Source: ISS Techexpert