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June 29, 2015

GROUND TRAINING TEAMS work on slinging goods transported on external sling HELICOPTERS

(Distance form)


Transportation of goods suspended from a helicopter external sling, it's quite serious, and requires serious preparation (training).

Equally important is the training for the implementation of the operation to lift the lashing (slinging), especially when it comes to high-value goods. At the same time, special emphasis should be placed on compliance with safety requirements.

The purpose of the program - training of ground crews to work on the slinging of cargo transported on external sling helicopters.

Remote format will allow customers to conduct training in the removal of the workplace.


  • General requirements for industrial safety and labor protection
  • Preparation of the transport suspension ropes for the transportation of cargo on external sling helicopter
  • Prepare to transport their cargo on the external load
  • Terms and schemes slinging loads
  • Requirements for loading (unloading) sites, the organization of work on them
  • The requirements for the training of personnel is permitted to loading and unloading (assembly) works and slinging loads
  • Safety requirements for transportation of cargo on external sling and carrying out construction and installation work
  • Communication with the ground crew of the helicopter crews using special signals and radio.
Categories of trainees: experts and personnel, engaged in slinging cargo transported on external sling helicopters

Training format:

  • lecture, presentation, photo and video materials,
  • exercises
  • final testing,
  • consultations within the category "Ask a teacher."

Method of access: Internet connection with a PC.

Duration: 5 days.

The form of the document issued by: Certificate.