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Public Council under the Rostechnadzor discussed the issue of safety requirements in oil and gas complex

June 25, 2015

June 24, 2015 the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) held a meeting of the Public Council. The event was opened by the head of Rostekhnadzor Aleksei Alyoshin, the meeting was also attended by deputy head of Rostekhnadzor.

Participants discussed the diagnosis of conditions, risk monitoring and examination of plant safety classes I and II in the oil and gas complex of danger.

In 2015 Rostekhnadzor pays particular attention to the risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement agencies, is the introduction of remote supervision of supervised facilities in oil and gas sector. Adopted in 2013-2015 federal laws on strategic planning in the Russian Federation, on industrial policy, as well as changes in legislation on industrial safety and relevant documents of the Government of the Russian Federation and regulations of Rostekhnadzor depth analysis aimed at reducing the risk of failures, accidents and disasters.

 One of the important provisions of the new legal and regulatory framework was the categorization of objects according to their degree of danger - it affected high-risk industrial facilities, transportation, waterworks. As the basic criteria of potential danger of industrial plants began to be considered the number of (gross or volume) of hazardous substances and the combination of pressure and temperature of the working fluid in the process of manufacturing operations, storage and transportation.

 The federal law from 28.06.2014 N 172-FZ "On the strategic planning in the Russian Federation" fundamentally new raises the question of simultaneous achievement of two strategic priorities - sustainable economic and social development and improving national security. For the oil and gas industry implementation of these priorities can be based on the criteria of sound management of the two main risks - individual and social risks of death and loss of health and integrated economic risks in a complex socio-natural and man-made system expansion of all safety legislation.

 Rostekhnadzor, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Emergencies Ministry with the coordinating role of the Security Council develop a unified system of constitutive equations and their parameters for the quantitative determination of these risks and to achieve the functioning of the oil and gas complex in the zone of acceptable risks. This strategy will be achieved through the development, regulation, regulation and supervision of a complex of the most important parameters of health facilities I and II classes of danger.

 Also, members of the Public Council under Rostekhnadzor discussed the problems of improving the regulatory basis of examination of industrial safety assessment methodology efficiency and effectiveness of local government and a number of other issues.


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