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Prepared Recommendations for the development and execution of Rules on labor protection

June 25, 2015

Russian Ministry of Labor to make recommendations on the development and registration of labor protection.


   As follows from the recommendations, rules on labor protection (PRP) must be developed in accordance with the requirements of:

 - Regulations on the development, approval and modification of normative legal acts containing state occupational safety regulations, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation from 27.12.2010 N 1160;

 - Government Decree of 13.08.97 N 1009 "On approval of the rules of preparation of normative legal acts of federal executive authorities and their state registration";

 - Methodological recommendations for the development of state occupational safety regulations, approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Labor of Russia 17.12.2002 N 80.

 Developed PRP should not include requirements for the design, manufacture, construction, assembly and performance of production equipment and its operation modes.

 In the PRP may contain requirements governing:

 - Safety of the organization of workplaces;

 - The presence of fences, warning devices and personal protective equipment of workers, methods and means of collective protection of employees;

 - Measures to limit the potential danger of the process equipment used;

 - Methods for the safe operation of potentially dangerous process equipment.

 As stated in the Guidelines, sweat does not preclude action safety standards, the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms establishing the requirements to factors working environment and labor process, rules and safety standards and other regulatory legal acts containing state occupational safety regulations, approved by the authorized federal executive authorities, in connection with which the PRP should not duplicate the requirements of the said documents and contradict them.

 Furthermore, in the Recommendations are the key head, which should be included in the PRP, and the requirements for their maintenance.

Source: ISS Techexpert