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Developed the draft law on evaluation of professional qualifications of employees for compliance with the professional standards

June 17, 2015

The bill establishes the legal framework for the assessment of professional qualifications for compliance with professional standards (evaluation of training), as well as confirmation of professional qualifications in the Russian Federation.

The proficiency test should be carried out in order to:

- Creation of conditions for the participation of employees in continuing education;

- Enhance professional mobility of workers;

- Enhance the role of employers in the development of professional qualifications;

- The establishment and (or) qualifications of the applicant conformity with the provisions of professional standards;

- Evaluating and improving the quality of vocational education and training.


   The bill defined the circle of participants of qualification assessment (indicating granted powers), which referred to the number of coordinating body for professional qualifications; National Agency of professional qualifications; tips for professional qualifications; assessment centers qualifications; Applicants and Russian Ministry of Labor.

 The proficiency test should be carried out in the form of professional examination conducted by the Center for qualification assessment in accordance with the requirements approved by the Council for Vocational Qualifications.

 Professional qualification examination will be carried out by the Commission, formed the center of the assessment of qualifications. The basis for the examination according to the bill stands a written statement of the applicant. As a result of passing the professional exam shall be issued to the applicant:

- The conclusion of the Qualification Commission;

- Vocational qualification certificate.

It is planned that the evaluation of qualifications should be carried out at the expense of own funds of candidates and (or) at the expense of other physical and (or) legal entities.

Necessary changes are expected to introduce a bill in the Labor Code.

Thus, it is envisaged that the need to assess the training of employees for their own needs is determined by the employer. In the case of the direction of the employee by the employer to assess qualifications the employer must provide the employee with the guarantees established by labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts containing norms of labor law, collective agreements, contracts, local regulations and employment contracts.

In turn, the workers' right to an assessment of qualifications will be enshrined in Article 197 of the Labor Code.

Source: ISS Techexpert